IronTitans Genesis Comic

Prepare for a robot franchise inspired by Pokemon, Gundam, Mega Man, and more. IronTitans is the marriage of great franchise ideas and small team ideals. We are creating something new and risky. It's what our inner child deserves; the same child who stared unblinking at the TV screen on a Saturday morning with a bowl of soggy Captain Crunch in our lap. And it's a journey we want to share with you. 

Written by

Keoni Chavez & Johnny Smith

Illustrator - Daniel Khanna (IDW Publishing/Transformers: Defiance & More Than Meets The Eye)

image1 (Takahashi-Gurov).png

The Beginning

Enter the Ares City, a city filled with the brightest minds, high technology, and a thirst for thrills. Star Tech Labs is far ahead of the curve in robotics and artificial intelligence development. With Dr. Allan Takahashi and Dr. Zane Gurov being the forefathers of these advancements, their contributions begin to change the very economy of Ares City. Little do they known, Star Tech employees begin to gather in secret to hold one on one battles using modified versions of the facilities highly advanced robots. 

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Our Hero

This is the story of Alonzo Everson, an engineer at StarTech Labs, the company that pioneered the use of robots in society. Alonzo’s frustrated with his job, itching for the chance to develop his own technology, but the higher-ups only regard him as a mechanic. But one night, Alonzo stumbles into the world of underground robot fighting, and he’s hooked. But little does he know that his involvement will set off a sequence of events that will change the future of robotics forever. Science fiction meets street-level smarts and an underground crime syndicate, to bring you an alternate future where robots battle for supremacy!


Underground Battle Scene

Ares City's streets are filled with titan fighter crews and gangs from every corner. The Asylum Arena is the center point for these battles and draws in spectators of all sorts. Not everything is as it seems and danger can show up in many forms. Follow Alonzo as he navigates the underground battle scene and battles the best of the best.