IronTitans 2018 - Development Changes - Jan. 11, 2018

Feeling excited about the upcoming releases of the IronTitans comic book series and mobile video game which are both in development. We have decided to change our crowdfunding platform from Patreon to Kickstarter to better serve our fans with a greater amount of content. 

Our focus with the IronTitans: Genesis comic book series is to release a steady stream of digital comics and hopefully paperback (with publishing) telling the beginning story of how the technology of IronTitans and the key characters that help begin an amazing path to greatness. 

The goals for the kickstarter is build a community of patrons around the IronTitans universe and gain the proper funding needed to produce and distribute the IronTitans: Genesis comic book series digitally. 

More updates on IronTitans content will be posted soon. 

IronTitans Creative Team

IronTitans: Genesis Comic Book Series in development

SVA Games has expanded their content creation into comic book development. The game team is collaborating with Transformers/IDW Publishing comic artist, Daniel Khanna. The comic book series will follow the journey of Alonzo Everson, a young and talented engineer from Star Tech Labs. Underground robot fighting is taking on a life of its own in the streets and alleys throughout Ares City. The comic is being written by the IronTitans creator, Johnny Smith, and lead writer, Keoni Chavez. 

The SVA team will be launching a kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to engage fans and begin to the story of IronTitans in its entirety. 

The IronTitans: Genesis kickstarter campaign is due to launch in early 2018.