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IronTitans 2018 - Development Changes - Jan. 11, 2018

Feeling excited about the upcoming releases of the IronTitans comic book series and mobile video game which are both in development. We have decided to change our crowdfunding platform from Patreon to Kickstarter to better serve our fans with a greater amount of content. 

Our focus with the IronTitans: Genesis comic book series is to release a steady stream of digital comics and hopefully paperback (with publishing) telling the beginning story of how the technology of IronTitans and the key characters that help begin an amazing path to greatness. 

The goals for the kickstarter is build a community of patrons around the IronTitans universe and gain the proper funding needed to produce and distribute the IronTitans: Genesis comic book series digitally. 

More updates on IronTitans content will be posted soon. 

IronTitans Creative Team

IronTitans: Genesis Mobile RPG in development

SVA Games has begun early development of the IronTitans: Genesis mobile RPG. The game will feature multiple options for the player protagonist and robot customization. 

Starting out, players will choose between a male and female protagonist. Afterwards, the player will be given the choice of choosing a profession. Their profession will directly affect the growth and development of their robot. When the player chooses their robot partner, picking the robot's armor class and combat class. Throughout the game, players will be able to collect and choose from over 150 different robot parts and even purchase custom armor frame sets. 

Gameplay will be centered around turn-based battles take place throughout Ares City. From taking on NPC titan fighters in the back alleys of the Downtown district to defeating the many battle zone bosses that rule over the different areas of Ares City. The ultimate prize being becoming the champion of the Underground Robot Fighting League. 

The SVA Game studio is currently working on a playable game demo of IronTitans: Genesis that will debut in the game team's crowdfunding campaign to be hosted on 

More updates to come.