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The Underground Fighting League


Star Tech engineers and janitorial staff began re-tooling support robots (laboratory and cleaning bots) by giving them weapons such as flamethrowers, drills, and even garden tools. Using these re-tooled support bots, they begin holding robot battles in the empty warehouses near Star Tech facilities. They eventually start to gamble and take wagers over their comrade’s battles and building small gatherings.

Ultimately these robots battles develop into citywide underground fight clubs, the main scene being focused on an abandoned warehouse dubbed “The Asylum”. This underground robot battle scene becomes a citywide phenomenon for individuals hoping to test their skills with their own robot designs. Competitors design and control voice-commanded robots to battle each other in a no-holds barred one on one match. This is where the city's gang's and criminal circles begin to seize control of the underground robot fighting gambling scene.

These gangs, the Diamond Syndicate, the Crimson Shadows, the Ballers, and the infamous Mambas all eventually hold a tournament against each other to decide who controls the underground battle arena, “The Asylum”. By the end of the tournament, the Crimson Shadows with the help of their new leader, Alonzo defeat the rival Ares City gangs and take control over the “The Asylum” and the future of the underground robot fighting league.

Now new challengers have risen and the underground robot fighting league has taken on a life of its own. New battle crews are ascending and the streets of Ares City are filled with titan fighters of every sort. Welcome the world of IronTitans. Your awaits you.... 



Gamma-type Robots

Gamma-type Starter Bots

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Gamma Technology

The gamma-type robot is a 1st generation IronTitan. Initially derived from modern fusion core technology by Star Tech Enterprises. Gamma-type robots have a much more advanced cyberdrive network in comparison with most modern robots. The upgraded cybernetic drive system allows for a more responsive A.I. system, mechanical core mobility, and advanced combat capabilities. The 1st generation gamma-type robot is the first of its kind and titan fighters, engineers, and scientist alike continue to push IronTitan technology to the next level.